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Bi-Plane-rides-NSB-Florida Our company provides scenic coastal Air Tour flights under a Federal Aviation Administration LOA (Letter of Authorization) which regulates pilots and aircraft maintenance criteria associated with this flight operation. The company also provides flight instruction by FAA Certified Flight Instructors in tailwheel type historic aircraft used by the US Army Air Corps and US Navy during the World War II era. BiPlane FunFlights also specializes in tailwheel endorsements and insurance endorsements for   J-3, PT-17 and T-6 aircraft.





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N32127 White Mtn NH 70s


Two WACO aircraft (Weaver Aircraft Company of Troy, Ohio) were delivered to White Mountain Airport in New Hampshire in November 1941 for use in a U.S. Army Air Corps civilian flight school to qualify cadets for military flight training. These two aircraft were registered as N32167 and N32168. This photo shows N32167 on the ramp at White Moutain Airport in its military colors. N32167 is the aircraft flown by BiPlane FunFlights for Air Tours. N32168 remains in New England flying summer Air Tours at Martha’s Vineyard airport.