Flight Ops & Facilities


BiPlane FunFlights specializes in providing aviation services to customers who desire flight experience in classic military aircraft produced during the 1940’s golden era of aviation.  Aviation services include open cockpit biplane Air Tours of the scenic seascapes south of Daytona Beach, and flight instruction in World War II trainer aircraft.    All flight operations meet Federal Aviation Regulations for Air Tours and Flight Instruction piloted by professional, experienced crews authorized by the FAA to perform these flight duties.





"Let's Go Flying"

AirGate Aviation Scheduling and Information Services are located at 2022 Aero Circle, New Smyrna Beach Airport. Their professional staff provides customer information on BIPLANE FUNFLIGHTS Air Tours and Instructional Flights, books flights, schedules customer flights and arranges pilots for each flight.

AirGate Ramp Services refuels Air Tour and Instructional aircraft, tugs aircraft to and from the BiPlane FunFlights hangar and aids passengers entering and leaving the aircraft cockpits. Ramp service also assists passengers while they are walking on the ramp to insure their safety and assists pilots with ramp departure and arrival.

Facilities include those at AirGate Aviation (2022 Aero Circle) which provides BiPlane FunFlights customers a safe and comfortable location for its Air Tour operations.

AirGate Aviation is a full service Fixed Base Operator offering their customers Charter Flight service, specializing in daily flights to the Bahama islands. Their facilities include a comfortable customer waiting lounge, courteous staff performing aircraft scheduling and telephone information service operational from 9am to 7pm daily.

Their facilities also include AirGate Café offering high quality food service