T-6 NorthAmerican-Plane

North American Aviation T-6

was called “the pilot maker” because it trained more military pilots, world-wide, than any other aircraft. It was configured for Advanced Training and therefore was known by its AT-6 model number. Advance Training included formation flight, armament training (bombs and gunnery), and instrument flight training. Equipped with radio navigation and a 600 horsepower Pratt and Whitney 9-cylinder radial engine, this aircraft has performance characteristics of fighter aircraft. U.S. Navy pilots qualified for carrier landings using the Texan.

The AT-6 used by BiPlane FunFlights is of 1942 vintage, used first by the U.S. Navy as an SNJ for armament training prior to re-manufacture in 1951 by North American Aviation at -Long Beach California as an AT6-6G instrument trainer for the U.S. Air Force. It served the U.S. and Spanish Air Force until the 1970s when it was released from military service to a Luxembourg flight school in Europe. It was flown from Luxembourg to Columbus, Ohio in 1994 via the Scotland, Iceland, Greenland route and was registered again as a U.S. aircraft.



2. Power

600 horsepower Pratt and Whitney 9-cylinder radial engine.

3. manufactured by

North American Aviation.

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