The Piper Cub J-3 aircraft

was used by the military in civilian-owned flight schools for qualifying cadets prior to acceptance into military flight training programs. This 1940’s era aircraft was recognized as an excellent primary trainer with its conventional tail wheel configuration. A military version (L-4 Grasshopper) of the J-3 was custom-built for the U.S military as a forward spotter aircraft and medical evacuation. Equipped with a Continental Aircraft Engine 65 horsepower 4-opposed cylinder engine, this reliable aircraft had a long history of military service. Its simplicity, with absolute minimum instrumentation, demands that pilots trained in this aircraft develop excellent stick and rudder skills along with basic ground-referenced visual cues and auditory cues associated with engine and wind noise.

The J-3 used by BiPlane Fun Flights was manufactured by Piper Aircraft Company in Lockhaven, Pennsylvania during 1946


Military & Civilian.

2. Power

Continental Aircraft Engine 65 horsepower 4-opposed cylinder engine.

3. manufactured by

Piper Aircraft Company.

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