Waco UPF-7

Aircraft utilize the U.S. Army Air Corp WACO UPF-7 because of its ability to comfortably load and carry two passengers in its front cockpit along with a pilot in the rear cockpit. This original 1941 aircraft was manufactured by the Weaver Aircraft Company (WACO) located in Troy, Ohio and is one of about 50 aircraft of this model still flying. It is a classic open cockpit biplane (2 wings). Its landing gear is of the “conventional” type with two main wheels and one small tail wheel. The UPF-7 is powered by a 220 horsepower 7-cylinder radial engine manufactured by Continental Engine Company, which remains in business providing new aircraft engines for current production aircraft.



2. Power

Continental 220 horsepower 7-cylinder radial engine.

3. manufactured by

Weaver Aircraft Company.

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Waco UPF-7

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